In  1997

Bought out casting plant to the township enterprises. Founded as a wholly foreign-owned enterprise after the acquisition.Employee 70 Monthly production 100t.

In  1998

Bigan to dispatch the technical trainee to japan.NK?ABS Manufacturing approval.

In  1999

Established Heat Treatment furnece and shot blast.


In  2001

Amoeba Management(management techniques) introduced.Constracted Company domitor.

In  2003

Acquired ISO9001 certification.

In  2004

Plant expansion started.Promoted the support engineer from Japan.
Employee 150 Monthly production 250t.

In  2005

Prduction Restrrncturing 600ton/month.
Expanded Foundry (2nd.Molding plant, 2nd.Fine Finishing Plant)

Established Electirc Arc Furnace 5T and Induction Furnace 5T.
New office building.
Employee 180 Monthly production 450t.

In 2006

Established Furan Resin Process.

In 2008

Started Special Alloy Production.
Established New Foundry (Inspection Plant,Fine Finishing Plant).
Production Control System KOPIS introduced.


Employee 270 Monthly production 650t.

In  2009

Started Wind Turbine Parts Producfion and entered to the Chiniese Market.


Employee 270 Monthly production 720t.

In 2010

Employee 240 Monthly production 850t.



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